When booking transfers with Platinum Transfers it’s VERY important you put LAND Uk time for any booking! If you want to be picked up at another time please put this in the comments do NOT put what time you want to be picked up! We work around your journey LAND Uk time so we will then be late if we can NOT cover the other job to the airport! Out of our control as we go by the time we are given for land time online.


Please pay the drivers with cash, if card or bank is used we may have to apply VAT as this may be in force anytime from August 2023.


All prices include the 30 mins waiting time from the time your flight lands, If for any reason it goes over the 30 mins there will be waiting time added to your price and the following charges are, £5 per 15 mins for a car £20 per hour and £8 per 15 minutes for the estate and minibus £32 per hour.


Any soiling charge is £120 and payable once dropped off at destination NO food or drink to be consumed in the vehicles due to past customers leaving rubbish in the vehicles and food left on seats. Or drink spilt on the seats. This is then a extra cost for the drivers so we have a NO FOOD or DRINK policy.


We do not supply car seats but if you bring your own please label them for your return journey. Name, Flight Number, Mobile number. And please whatsapp message 01908 277 777 on the day to remind us to bring the car seat back on the day. This is important in case we happen to forget.


Please WhatsApp message 01908 277 777 or call 01908 277 777 or email if your flight is delayed/cancelled/ontime, we do check but it don’t always tell us the correct information. If you have the drivers phone number please contact them direct if not please use the above number. For short haul there maybe a charge as we have to leave MK to get to the aiport IE heathrow we allow a hour and a half to get there.


We require 48 hours notice of any transfer not required or we will require 50% of the journey/s paid to the business bank details above, If the wrong dates have been given and its under 48 hours notice the same will apply.

Any no shows you will be emailed for a full 100% payment and if this is not paid in 7 days we will then add 10% to the fare same goes for under 48 hours notice. If not paid after the 7 days then we may take further action, (small claims court)


If for any reason your flight gets diverted to another airport for any reason during the flight the original fare will be implied plus the extra for the other airport if its further away. IE collection Luton airport you land heathrow.


If you have paid us by card/bank and you cancel the booking/s and/or a refund is due there will be a £30.00 admin charge. This charge is for the office staff time and the accounts department to process a refund. We will NOT hold money for any future trips. NO PRE PAID AFTER 5th April 2024 this can be done from 6th April 2024 for the new tax year to start, we prefere cash on all trips 1 because the card fees and 2 it means we don’t have to go vat registered as we would have to charge VAT on all card/bank transfers at 20%…


Due to Fuel costs rising and our business costs rising we have had to make a hard decision to do this but the prices may rise slightly after we quote the job due to how quick fuel went up as customers are aware we are a small family run business not a franchise like most other operators and we need to keep up with inflation to keep our business running. We will NOT bump the price high it will be from £2-5 max. Same as drop off and pickup fees these change with the airports so may go up from the price quoted.


When we sponsor we can only pay by card we are unable to be able to pay by any other option as we need to keep our business bank solely used to use our business bank card. Our business gets charged to do any bank transfers and it also could take longer to process as we have to go through our accountant. This also costs us extra to do this. If we can not pay by card we would not be able to pay for any sonsor interest.


Platinum Transfers